Our guiding priciples

Cultural work with children and adolescents is the central focus of the djo’s activities. The German Youth in Europe advocates the equal recognition and participation of migrant youth organisations and self-organised youth groups (MJSO), and it conceives of international youth work as a contribution towards peace and understanding of and among youths. The aim is to encourage children and adolescents to be and become critical, capable and responsible members of our society.

The creation of a unified, democratic Europe, where the dividing character of borders has been overcome, so that Europe may offer integration beyond its federative foundation, supports us in our work involving mutual encounters for the purpose of more tolerance and diverse partnerships.

In the shape of extracurricular educational work, recreational activities, as well as cultural activities and integration work, we seek to motivate children and adolescents to participate so that they may formulate their own wishes and demands, and ultimately realise their own ideas and goals.

The djo-Deutsche Jugend in Europa conceives of itself as an umbrella organisation of its state associations, as well as compatriot groups and self-organised migrant youth groups, which consider themselves federal groups of the djo. They are all dedicated to the assertion of human rights and the prevention and condemnation of forced displacement and expulsions throughout the world.