About us

The djo – Deutsche Jugend in Europa (German Youth in Europe)  is a non-partisan and non-confessional youth association committed to a unified, democratic Europe where the dividing character of borders has been overcome.  As part of our youth work, we promote the cultural activities of young immigrants as a means to develop a sense of identity and to support participation in society. Through international youth exchange programmes, cultural education and integration, we are involved in the organisation of exchanges and encounters geared towards conciliation  and mutual  understanding.  Furthermore, our activities place particular emphasis on the social, political and cultural rights of displaced children and adolescents .

Coexistence in cultural diversity, marked by equality, tolerance and solidarity, is our guiding principle. The experience of flight  and migration, as well as engagement with the significance of identity and home, are among the defining and linking elements of our association.

On the federal level, the organisation comprises state associations, compatriot youth groups and self-organised migrant youth groups.

The djo – Deutsche Jugend in Europa, a registered federal association, is a state-approved carrier of the youth welfare service organisation.