International Youth Exchange

Through international youth exchanges, the djo – German Youth in Europe makes an important contribution towards mutual understanding among and between young people. Particularly against the backdrop of European policy objectives, our association and measures act as a bridge between East and West. Due to our historical origins, we share a special bond with children and adolescents from East Europe. Accordingly, the main countries of focus are located in East-Central, Eastern and Southern Europe.

By participating in our international exchange projects, youths are given an opportunity to gather valuable experience, develop their personalities, build their self-confidence and, not least, expand their intercultural competence. International youth education is a multi-layered task, and our association places particular emphasis on integration work and cultural education.



International encounters in their respective regions of origin give young people with migration backgrounds the opportunity to come to terms with their heritage and the origins of their parents/grandparents. This way, participants are given a chance to become more conscious of their own identity and find their own place between their family’s origins and their present life in Germany.



  • International youth encounters with various thematic and methodical points of emphasis (intercultural, experience-based education, dance, theatre, music…)
  • German-Russian and international job shadowing programmes
  • Networking events, project workshops and academies for advanced training of multipliers involved in international youth exchanges.
  • International culture festivals

Internationales Hospitationsprogramm und ESK

Lust auf Jugendarbeit in Russland, Kirgisistan oder der Türkei? Dann bewirb dich für das Internationale Hospitationsprogramm und ESK.

Termine unserer internationalen Jugendarbeit