Cultural Youth Education

The djo – German Youth in Europe, a registered federal association, strives to provide children and adolescents with the opportunity to experience, learn and create together in cultural education projects.  We create spaces of experience where children and youths encounter each other in participatory and creative ways. Trying something new, discovering unimagined strengths and talents, working on a project together, and perhaps even public appearances, are among the valuable experiences to be gained.  Participants are encouraged to have a positive view of themselves as diverse personalities, and to encounter others with respect and appreciation.  This includes creating an inclusive atmosphere that promotes cooperation and consciously accompanies their involvement with social, cultural, or other differences.

In our international projects, we create opportunities for encounters between young people from across different regions and diverse backgrounds. Creative artistic and cultural activities are among the central means of communication. Working together on artistic projects and exchanges over cultural practices promote multi-faceted processes of mutual involvement:


  • Experimenting with creative forms of communication
  • Experiencing new perspectives
  • Expanding creative and artistic abilities
  • Discovering commonalities and differences
  • Practising constructive approaches to a diversity of opinions
  • Developing and presenting a shared project in a team
  • Making contacts



  • Offering advice on financial planning and content development for cultural education opportunities.
  • Seminars and advanced training for multipliers of cultural education, both domestic and foreign.
  • Cultural projects and workshops for children and adolescents in the fields of media, performing and visual arts.
  • International youth encounters with artistic workshops, cultural exchange activities and education opportunities.
  • Cultural festivals (i.e. dance, theatre, film)​


djo-Sommertreffen: „Identität und Diversität“

Du bist zwischen 16 und 27 Jahre alt, interessierst dich für Sport und/oder kulturelle Ausdrucksformen? Dann melde dich bis zum 08.07.2018 an! 

Freiwillige_r aus Tschechien gesucht

Der djo-Bundesverband sucht ab 01.09.2018 für einen einjährigen EVS-Freiwilligendienst ein_e Freiwillige_n aus Tschechien. Einsatzort ist die Geschäftsstelle in Berlin.

Cooperation Europe

Cooperation Europe - eine Dokumentation

Das Filmteam der diesjährigen Kulturellen Woche „EuropeanVisionContest“ proudly presents: „Cooperation Europe“. Eine Dokumentation aus Duderstadt.

Förderprogramm "Jugendgruppe erleben"

Ein Förderprogramm, das bildungsbenachteiligten Kindern und Jugendlichen einen Zugang zu Jugendverbänden oder Jugendgruppen ermöglichen soll. Die Maßnahmen sollen niedrigschwellig und neuartig sein und sie müssen außerschulisch erbracht werden.

Termine der kulturellen Jugendbildung

26.07.2018 - 30.07.2018


14.09.2018 - 16.09.2018

Herbsttagung 2018

12.10.2018 - 15.10.2018

Trilaterale JuLeiCa Teil I

19.10.2018 - 21.10.2018

Trilaterale JuLeiCa Teil II