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Ein Interview mit Ibrahim Dikici, Jugendtrainer bei Muğla International Youth Center, Türkei

Die im Jahr 2014 aufgebaute Partnerschaft mit dem türkischen Jugendzentrum GO Muğla wurde 2015 erfolgreich fortgesetzt. Ibrahim Dikici, der Jugendtrainer von Muğla International Youth Centre und unser Ansprechpartner für das Internationale Hospitationsprogramm in der Türkei, hospitierte selbst für 45 Tage in drei Organisationen in Deutschland: im Internationalen Bildungs- und Begegnungswerk e.V. in Dortmund (IBB Dortmund), im Falken Bildungs-und Freizeitwerk Hagen Ennepe Ruhr e.V. und in der Geschäftsstelle der djo-Deutsche Jugend in Europa, Bundesverband e.V. in Berlin. Von seinen Impressionen berichtete Ibrahim in einem Interview mit der Koordinatorin des Hospitationsprogramms auf deutscher Seite, Olga Dryndova (das Interview wurde auf Englisch durchgeführt). 


You coordinate the International Traineeship Program from the Turkish side. Why did you decide to take part in this program yourself? What brought you to Germany? 

I have been working in the youth field for 10 years already, and for the last 6 years I have been doing it professionally as an educational trainer. I love my job! We have so many projects with Germany, that I am pleased to come here actually every year – for example, last year I came to Germany five times! What is especially interesting for me is to see, what opportunities young people have here, how the German government supports youth organizations. I have so far not had an opportunity to get a deep insight into these aspects, as I am always here for a short project-time. The Traineeship Program was indeed a great chance for me. 


So what could you learn during your traineeship? Did you see any differences in youth work between Turkey and Germany? 

First thing that caught my eye was better funding opportunities for youth organizations in Germany, especially for international projects. For example, the EU-Program Erasmus+ is very popular in Turley, because there are almost no other ways to find money for international exchanges - that is why the competition is also high. Whereas here it is just one of many options, because the German government also supports international dimension of youth work. 

Also I find it great that there are so many different youth organizations here – both public and non-state – and they cooperate with each other. So you can also choose from them. In Turkey we are still rather new in this field, we are just beginning to build our partnerships and you do not have this kind of diversity. 

What I could definitely learn is bureaucracy in Germany and the whole process of decision making. We did have certain missunderstandings during our work, but in the end I understood what the difference in thinking was, and that was encouraging and useful for our future cooperation. 


You managed to work in three different organizations during your traineeship. How was it? What tasks did you overtake?  

The first host organization was IBB Dortmund, there I was involved in preparation, managing and evaluation of our youth exchange with Turkey that took place in Germany. It was an unusual experience, since I was for the first time a part of the German team! That helped me to understand our partners better and also to get more trust from their side. 

Then I proceeded with my traineeship in Falken Bildungs- und Freizeitwerk Hagen Ennepe Ruhr e.V. in Hagen. There I held some seminars in youth centers and shared my experience in writing project proposals for Erasmus+. We brainstormed for possible future projects and right now they plan to apply for funding! I am really happy that I could be useful! 

Just yesterday I arrived in Berlin and I am already excited about the German-Turkish Partnership Meeting that will be held here in a couple of days. We already organized it last year and I am happy to contribute to it also this year as a trainer in intercultural exchange and fundraising. That will be my last project within my traineeship, but I will come again!


What is special about the Muğla International Youth Centre

Well, we are the second large international youth center in Turkey, since 2010 our focus is international youth work. We are accredited for European Voluntary Service, Eurodesk, we run numerous projects within Erasmus+. We are glad to have so many local volunteers! We always try to support them and organize various trainings, for example, on communication, project management. And I can personally see how they develop, it is the most precious reward for me. From our side we are happy to give them the opportunity to take part in international projects – in Turkey it is not that easy for the youth to travel in Europe, it is rather expensive. 
What I am also happy about – with our projects we fight against stereotypes. Young people tend to think globally and support peace after participating in international projects – and that is the best you can expect as a youth trainer. 


Just after you come back to Turkey, two activists from Germany will come to Muğla for a traineeship. What did you prepare for them? 

Well, I can say they are lucky, because they will be working in such a big youth center! We have a very friendly atmosphere there, we are like a big family! Exactly for this time we planed a number of international projects, so the trainees will be able to take part in them, but also in the daily activities of the center, which is not less exciting! Oh, and we will still have good weather in September and October! I really cant’t wait to host them! 


Ibrahim Dikici
Hospitant, Internationales Hospitationsprogramm
djo-Deutsche Jugend in Europa, Bundesverband e.V. 


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